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Is the belief,  Saved by Grace -  No Works Necessary,  Biblically Correct?

        I will start my explanation with an illustration:   A young woman gave birth to a baby boy.  She asked her doctor how she could be a LOVING mother.   The doctor gave her a list of things loving mothers do for their new born babies: change their diapers; feed them every two hours; keep them warm and clean; etc.
        A friend told her “Doing all these things does not make you a loving mother.  A cold-hearted babysitter could do all these things and not love the child at all.   Love is a feeling a mother has for her child, not physical movements.”
        So the mother did not feed her baby.   She left him shivering all day long in a filthy overflowing diaper.   She told herself she was a loving mother, because she had feelings for the child.   She figured doing the things the doctor said fell under the label “works”; and “works” (physical movements) is not love; love is having feelings for the child.
        A mother can provide excellent care for her child without loving him/her.   But it is impossible for her to be a LOVING mother, while she is willfully providing unacceptable/inadequate care for her child.  Genuine love will compel her to do the “works” of caring for him.
        LIKEWISE:   We can do many good “works”, and go through all the motions of being a Christian, and not be a genuine Christian; just like going through the motions of caring for the baby did not make the young woman a LOVING mother.   If we are a real genuine Christian, our love and desire for God will compel us to do all the verbal and physical works/actions of being a Christian: just as a genuine loving mother’s love for her child compels her to provide the proper care for him.   If we are not striving, with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, to do all the “works” associated with believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, there is something wrong with our heart being properly connected to Jesus Christ.

Gain a fuller understanding by reading Chapters 6 and 7, in the Free book below, including the Bible verses.

       With the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we moved from being under the LAW (Israel obeying the Old Testament Law to the letter of the LAW), to being under GRACE (Christians obeying Jesus Christ from the depth of our heart).
        Obeying all of God’s commandments is not about earning our way to Heaven; obeying God is all about loving and respecting him.  If we are correctly connected to God, we will obey him because we love him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.   We will obey him because we have accepted him as our Lord (as the one who tells us what to do).  We will obey him because we know he is always right, and his commandments are for our own welfare.
        Jesus Christ commands us to be baptized; nobody has the authority to tell us we do not have to obey Jesus Christ.  Something is wrong with our heart (our love for God) if we can decline to do what Jesus Christ instructs us to do.  We are not to test God.   No human being is perfect, but genuine Christians always strive to obey Jesus Christ.  There is a big difference between declining to do, and striving to do.  What we do, and do not do, reveals: how much we love God, and if we have truly accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord (as the one who tells us what to do).
        After we have fully obeyed Acts 2:38, the Holy Spirit will be continually dwelling inside of us.  The Holy Spirit gives genuine Christians guidance and discernment, teaching and revealing to us the genuine way of Jesus Christ as we pray, read the Bible, and attend a church that is true to the word of God.
        If our definition of the word “WORKS” is working to earn our way into Heaven, there is nothing we can do to earn, or help earn, our way into Heaven.
        If our definition of the word “WORKS” is doing things, there is no such thing as following Jesus Christ while we keep declining to do the things he tells us to do.  Following Jesus Christ involves a lot of doing.  If our heart is genuinely given to Jesus Christ, we will have an enormous desire/drive to do his will.  It will be our heart’s desire.
        In short, works do not make us right with God (connect us to God), but everyone that is right with God does the works of Jesus Christ.  Works are always a result of being connected to Jesus Christ.   If we are declining to follow Christ's instructions, we do not properly/genuinely believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  If we are declining to obey Jesus Christ, the Bible tells us we do not know Jesus Christ yet (Read, 1 John 2:3-4).
        For a better understanding, and the Scriptures, download the Free book below.  Chapters 6 and 7 cover this topic.   However, you will learn much more if you read the whole book.  May God Bless You.

The missing Bible verses are verses that are missing from common beliefs, because they are ignored.

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