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of the Christian Holy Bible.    


  fundamental verses missing from most churches' beliefs/doctrines


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missing from common beliefs"

Bible Verses are missing from common beliefs, because they are ignored.  Some important things in the Bible are not being taught.




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Why?      Do you know?

Why did St. Paul re-baptize people who were already baptized with the baptism of John the Baptist?

Do you know that the baptism words (baptize, baptism, Baptist, etc.) were not translated into English?  Why?

Do you know the Bible repeatedly ties baptism to remission of sins?

Did you receive the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) ?

Why do some people believe we need to speak in tongues in order to go to Heaven?

Why is the Day of Pentecost (in Acts 2) the First Day of the Church?

How does the world get so many different beliefs from the same Bible?

What does the term “Jesus Only” mean?

Is the belief,  Saved by Grace - No Works Necessary,  Biblically Correct?   Download Now,
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Loving God is the NUCLEUS   Download Now
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Wives obeying their husbands  ? ? ?    Download Now
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Our life on earth is all about Judgement Day    Download Now
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The Jesus Exit   Download Now
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Abortion and Science   Download Now
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Where am I going to be living after I die?   Download Now
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