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What does the term “Jesus Only” mean?  Gain a fuller understanding by reading Chapter H, in the Free book below, including the Bible verses.


       “Jesus only” is a term some people use in describing the beliefs of another church.  They call the church “Jesus only” because the church is constantly preaching and talking about “Jesus”.  Many people believe that the church they label “Jesus only” is a church that only believes in the “Son”, which is totally incorrect.   The church believes the following:


• There is only one God, and His name is “Jesus” (which means: JEHOVAH Saves).


• The one God, whose name is “Jesus”, is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit).


• They say “Jesus” when talking about the Father.


• They say “Jesus” when talking about the Son.


• They say “Jesus” when talking about the Holy Spirit.

The missing Bible verses are verses that are missing from common beliefs, because they are ignored.

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