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     Print copies for yourself.   Print copies to give to other people.   Print copies for groups and students for studying the Bible.  Etc.  People need to learn and understand the Bible.

     The following PDF files of the book were made for printing the book.  The other book download was made for reading the book on a computer or device.


     To get these PDF files to print correctly, you need to have the correct items checked in your printer’s dialog box.


Letter size (8 1/2 x 11 inches) paper




Print actual size - You do not want your printer to “print to fit”


Print pages in the correct order - One of my printers prints the pages in the correct order without doing anything.  On another printer, I need to set the printer to print in reverse, or I will have the last page on top, and will have to put the pages in order by hand.


       If you print in duplex - (printing on both sides of the paper), you also need to check the following:


Print on both sides of the paper - You need to set the printer to print on both sides of the paper.


Flip - If you do not set the flip correctly, every other page will print upside down.


These free PDF Files are made for you to save and print.


       It is my understanding that some web browsers lower the resolution to speed up the download time.  The following files were made at a higher resolution for the purpose of printing the book; they are about 48mb to 58mb.  If you are planning to print the book, be sure you have a higher resolution file.  Since these files are large, they will take some time to download, and they will take longer to print in your printer.  Note: You will not be able to save the files until they are completely downloaded.  If you have a problem saving it, let me email it to you.


       Below are four PDF files for printing the book.  Be sure to download the correct one.


       Read the legal details for printing the book.  The details are inside the book; they are very mild.


A picture of the book, Missing Bible Verses, missing from common beliefs.


Download It Now  For Printing on One Side of the Paper - Color   Email It To Me

Download It Now  For Printing on Both Sides of the Paper (duplex) - Color   Email It To Me

Download It Now  For Printing on One Side of the Paper - Black and White  Email It To Me

Download It Now  For Printing on Both Sides of the Paper (duplex) - Black and White   Email It To Me



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