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Did you receive the Holy Spirit since ⁄ when you believed on Jesus Christ?   Find the answers in the Free book below, including the Bible verses, in Chapter III and its subchapters.


       When St. Paul went to Ephesus (Act 19), he found some disciples (followers).  He wanted to know where they were in their walk with God, so he asked them if they had received the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) since/when they believed, but they did not know anything about the Holy Ghost.  

      When Paul knew they did not have the Holy Ghost, he asked them, unto what were you baptized.  They told him they were baptized unto John the Baptist's baptism.  At this point, Paul knew they were not baptized into Jesus Christ (they were not baptized in the name of "Jesus Christ").  Paul told them that John the Baptist preached that they should believe on Jesus Christ,  so they were re‑baptized by St. Paul, in the name of the Lord Jesus.  When St. Paul laid his hands upon them, they received the Holy Ghost, spoke in tongues, and prophesied.

       In Acts 8:12–16, we find baptized believers (correctly baptized) who did not have the Holy Ghost yet.

       If St. Paul asked you if you received the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) since/when you believed, what would you tell him?

       The Bible declares if we do not have the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of God) dwelling in us, we are not a Christian.  We must receive the Holy Ghost; it is absolutely necessary!   

      For a deeper understanding about receiving the Holy Ghost, including Bible verses, download and read the following book.  The book also contains many other interesting topics.


The missing Bible verses are verses that are missing from common beliefs, because they are ignored.


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