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Is the belief,  Saved by Grace,  No Works Necessary,  Biblically Correct?

       It is totally true that Jesus Christ paid the full price for our salvation; there is nothing we can do to earn or help earn our way into Heaven; we are saved by the grace of God, not by our works.

       The problem is some people take the above truth and conclude that they do not have to do the works of becoming and being a genuine Christian; this conclusion is contrary to the Bible.  The Bible teaches us that doing the “works” is not about earning, rather it is about loving God.  Doing the “works” is about loving, honoring, and respecting God by saying “yes” when he tells us to do them. Our love for God will cause us to do them.

       Are we saying “No” to Jesus Christ, declining to obey his instructions to be baptized?   Is this loving him, keeping his words?  Read John 14:23 AV

       We connect to God with our heart, not with our works.  However, if our heart is properly connected to God, our heart will compel us to do the “works”.

       Many Bible verses support the following:  Loving God = Obeying God, which includes doing proper works.

       Illustration:  Nancy gave birth to a baby boy, and she asked her doctor, “How can I be a LOVING mother?”  So the doctor gave her a list of things LOVING mothers do for their new born babies: change their diapers; feed them every two hours; keep them warm and clean; etc.
       A friend told Nancy “Doing all these things does not make you a LOVING mother.  A cold-hearted babysitter could do all these things and not love the child at all.  Love is a feeling a mother has for her child, not physical movements.”
       So Nancy did not feed her baby.  She left him shivering all day long in a filthy overflowing diaper.  She told herself she was a LOVING mother, because she had feelings for the child.  She figured doing the things the doctor said fell under the label “works”; and “works” (physical movements) is not love; love is having feelings for the child.

       Just doing the “works” of providing care for her baby will not make Nancy a LOVING mother.  On the other hand, Nancy cannot be a LOVING mother unless her love for her child is driving her to strive to do all the “works” of caring for her baby.  It is impossible for her to be a LOVING mother while she is willfully providing unacceptable/inadequate care for her child.  If Nancy is a LOVING mother, her love for her baby will cause her to see that her child has proper care.

       Likewise, a genuine Christian’s love for God will cause him to strive to do all the “works” that God wants him to do.

       Insufficient love for God results with us declining to obey him.

       Just doing the “works” (going through the motions) of being a Christian will not make us a genuine Christian.  On the other hand, we cannot be a genuine Christian unless our love of God is causing us to strive to do all the “works” of being a genuine Christian.  Continuing to choose not to obey Jesus Christ, including baptism, reveals a heart that is not properly given to God yet.

       Why call Jesus Christ our Lord if we do not obey him?  Read Luke 6:46 AV.

       Nobody has the authority to tell people they do not have to obey Jesus Christ’s commands, including baptism.

       We must not play lawyer and look at the thief on the cross and say it sets a precedent; we do not parallel the thief on the cross: the thief on the cross did not refuse to obey Jesus Christ.  But if we say “no” to Jesus Christ’s commandment to be baptized, we are refusing, declining, to obey him.

       Some people think tempting/testing God is having faith.  Deliberately putting our self in harm’s way (deliberately jumping off the temple), putting our faith in God to catch us, is called tempting/testing God.  Choosing to sin and trusting God to forgive us is tempting/testing God.  It is not smart to tempt/test God.  We are not to tempt/test the Lord our God.

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       I use the word “strive”, because human beings are not near 100% perfect.  We need a perfect heart, a perfect desire, to do all of God’s will.  A perfect heart causes us to “strive” with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, to do all of God’s will, but because we are human, we still come up short.  The important thing is that we are honestly striving with all our heart to do his will, so God will see we are honestly trying to do our best to obey him.

       It is true; all we need to do is believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to go to Heaven, but we do not get to choose which definition of the word believe is correct.  The correct kind of belief will cause us to obey Jesus Christ.  We need to understand the Bible’s definition of believing on the Lord Jesus Christ includes accepting him as our Lord and Saviour.

       A lord is someone who has authority over others.  He tells the people in his kingdom what to do, and he has the responsibility to care for them.  If we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord, we are voluntarily choosing him as the one we will obey, and as the one who will care for us.  Our obedience will reveal if we have genuinely accepted him as our Lord (as the one we obey).

       How can we be honoring and respecting the Lord Jesus Christ, striving to obey him, if we are willfully declining to follow his instructions, including his instructions to repent and be baptized?  Genuine Christians will obey him; we know he is always right, and his commandments are for our own welfare.

       Christians are not perfect, but we will constantly strive to obey God in all things.

       A mother’s love for her child is dead, as long as she has no concern for him.  Likewise:  Faith without “works” is dead.  Why?  Genuine Christian faith always produces the “works”.  The lack of the “works” is the results of not having the kind of faith the Bible is talking about.  There is no such thing as having genuine Christian faith while we are willfully declining to follow Christ’s instructions”.  If we choose not to do the works (not to follow Christ’s instructions), our Christian faith is not genuinely alive.  Having faith without “works” is like a mother saying she is a LOVING mother who declines to care for her child.

       If our definition of the word “WORKS” is working to earn our way into Heaven, there is nothing we can do to earn, or help earn, our way into Heaven.

       If our definition of the word “WORKS” is doing things, there is no such thing as following Jesus Christ while we keep declining to do the things he tells us to do.  Following Jesus Christ involves a lot of doing.  If our heart is genuinely given to Jesus Christ, we will have an enormous desire/drive to do his will.  It will be our heart’s desire, even to follow his instructions to be baptized.

       Some people believe, since God is so forgiving, they do not have to be gravely concerned about choosing to continue their sinning, but they are very wrong!  Continuing to willfully choose to sin separates them from God.  They need to repent: turn to obey God.

       In short, “works” do not make us right with God (connect us to God), but everyone that is right with God does the works of Jesus Christ.  Works are always a result of being connected to Jesus Christ.  If we are declining to follow Christ's instructions, we do not properly/genuinely believe on the Lord Jesus Christ yet.  If we are declining to obey Jesus Christ, the Bible tells us we do not know Jesus Christ yet.

       If we are not striving to obey God’s commandments, we do not even know God; we are not connected to God yet.  And if we say we know him, we are a liar.  Read 1 John 2:3–5 AV.

       We find the Bible referring to the genuine Christians as People that obey him.  Jesus Christ is the author of eternal salvation to all the people who have genuinely accepted him as their Lord (as the one they obey).  Read Hebrews 5:9 AV and Acts 5:32 AV.

       Every sheep (every person) who belongs to Christ follows/obeys him.  Read John 10:27 AV.

       What we do, or do not do, reveals if we belong to God.  Read 1 John 3:10 AV.

       Their evil “works”, and their lack of Godly “works”, declare they do not know God.  Read Titus 1:16 AV.

       Everyone who has genuinely accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord does his will, even if it is called “works”.  Read Matthew 7:21 AV, 1 John 2:17 AV, John 14:21 AV, John 15:10 AV.

       Do we obey God, or yield to sin?  We will end up being with the one we are following.  Read  Romans 6:16 AV.

       Read Revelation 22:14 AV.

       If people rejected the counsel of God and acted against themselves by not being baptized with the baptism of John the Baptist, how about people who decline to be baptized into Jesus Christ?  Are they rejecting the counsel of God, and acting against themselves?  Read   Luke 7:29–30 AV.

       After we have fully obeyed Acts 2:38, the Holy Spirit will be continually dwelling inside of us.  The Holy Spirit gives genuine Christians guidance and discernment, teaching and revealing to us the genuine way of Jesus Christ as we pray, read the Bible, and attend a church that is true to the word of God.

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